Thursday, 24 November 2011

24th November..

Been learning more about anatomy today, on tuesday we had a class observer was quite nerve racking as she was just sitting there watching everything, but im glad it whent well for my lecturer as shes good at what she does (: she must of been nervous too. Last day new block starts tomoro and iv still not finnished all my logs but ill get there in thee end im shure (: Got facials tomoro cant wait weve been learning how tint eyebrows and eyelashes which is pretty easy :) just going to do some my home work tonight and finnish my project which has to be handed in on monday we have to find out about a cosmetic brand and how they started ect... so shall be a piece of cake me thinks :)

17th November..

Been trying to get all my log books for waxing and manicure uptodate before the 25th. Hopefully ill get it finnished as im starting my new block soon which is including nail art and we have been learning about anatomy  and physology had to do my test for it there dont think iv passed tho its quite hard and alot to take in so going to have to really study. Excited for the nail art in the next block tho, should be fun and i prefare doing nails, we also had our introuduction about the new products we will be using they sound pretty good except some of them dont smell too good aha but we'll live (: